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Jan 18: Reliability of stability

Craig’s work with Dr. Nei and Dr. Kumar on understanding the reliability of support metrics of a phylogeny is published in Molecular Biology and Evolution. For more information or to read the manuscript in full, see the link below.

Jan 18: Behavioral genetics curriculum

In collaboration with Michelle Thornton (Central High School, Philadelphia) and a previous undergraduate Hadley King, Craig and Dr. Kulathinal’s curriculum on using behaviroal genetics to understand the link between genotype and phenotype was accepted to GSA Prep. This curriculum, designed for intermediate level Biology students, focuses on connecting physical observations with the immense amounts of data available in model organism databases. For more information, check out the curriculum here.

Jan 15: flyDIVaS goes live!

A first live version of flyDIVaS is now available to the public for testing! flyDIVaS is a database aimed at understanding characteristics of divergence and selection in Drosophila and includes full access to new alignments and PAML results for across the 12 Drosophila species originally released by Clark et al. 2007. Check out flyDIVaS at

March 8-12: Drosophila 2015

Craig presents his work on the genomics of parthenogenesis at the annual Drosophila genetics conference in Chicago. In collaboration with Danny Miller (Hawley Lab; Stowers Institute), Craig has been working on constructing the first draft genome assembly of D. mercatorum, a facultative parthenogenetic species, in order understand the genomic mechanisms underlying parthenogenesis.